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KMS - KROLMARK MARINE SERVICES SA was founded in Panama City, In the Republic of Panama, in June 2019.

The company is licensed by the Panama Maritime Authority to carry out Ships inspections in the Territory of the Republic of Panama and is working under the codes of conduct of the International Institute of Marine Surveying and IMCA eCMID inspection scheme.

The company completed its first inspection, an  IMCA eCMID inspection of the DP2 vessel, Horizon Geobay at Chaguaramas, Trinidad on 15 February 2020.

Since then KMS has carried out a variety of inspections, including Condition inspections, S&P Inspections, P&I Entry surveys, Hatch cover tightness tests, Pre-PSC Inspections,
Navigation Assessments, Bunker Operation Audits, Vessel Technical inspections, Vessel Management Inspections, ISM/ISO, ISPS and MLC Audits, Vessel Safety Inspections, Marine Warranty Surveys, and provided Marine supervisors to Offshore Marine projects in collaboration with our partners at CMS-Caruso Marine Services.

For a vessel transiting the Panama Canal, it is an opportunity to conduct a required inspection or audit without interfering with the vessel's schedule, and KMS can assist with such tasks.

KMS has currently two surveyors in Panama, a Master Mariner, and a Naval Architect, and we have affiliated surveyors in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Mexico. We also have an in-house attorney from the law firm Cubillas and Associates for legal work, like ship registration and Maritime legal services.

We also have an international network of marine surveyors and can arrange services in many locations worldwide, such as  ISM, ISPS, and MLC Audits, Navigation Audits, Pre-hire inspections, Safety inspections, vessel condition inspections, and IMCA eCMID inspections.

KMS is following the CPD programs at the International Institute of Marine Surveying and the IMCA eCMID inspection scheme. We are also doing training courses through various training institutes online and in person to keep up with industry development and to provide the best possible services.

Codes of Conduct
Panama Canal Locks
Condition Survey 05-May-2021
Offshore discharge of Subsea Equipment
Company Registration/RUC: 155680783-2-2019 - AMP Operations license 02971
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