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Are you a Seafarerer looking for Employment?

You are invited to register and upload your CV, Diplomas, Certificates, List of sea time, and Medical below.

Ship owners and Managers please contact us by email for further information,
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How does this Work?

We offer services to Ship Owners and Managers to find talented Seafarers

and personnel particularly in the Americas.

We do not charge Seafarers or Personnel anything to register, once a Seafarer has registered we verify the information and certificates and conduct a Zoom interview, once this process has been completed we move the  Seafarer into our Candidate list which can be made available to Ship owners, and Managers.

We charge only once a position is confirmed for a candidate, this can either be on a single basic fee or the client employing the candidate can use our crewing services, which include contract, payroll, and travel services. We can also arrange additional training courses and medical if required.

Interested Ship Owners or Managers can contact us at

for further information.

Crew boat underway to vessel at Balboa anchorage.
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