KMS KROLMARK MARINE SERVICES as a company strives to provide talented Surveyors, Auditors, Representatives to the Marine and offshore industry who not only have the requisite skills to perform the technical aspects of the task, but also who have a desire to re-enforce the customer’s safe working practices and policies. We expect KMS Representatives to embrace this concept and to agree to its terms.

  1. PPE: All KMS representatives are required to wear personal protective equipment while on job sites and in hazardous locations as per our customer's or their agents’ safety policies to the extent of the strictest policy. As a minimum KMS Representatives should wear long-sleeve coverall, hard hat, steel toe boots, safety glasses, and any other PPE required by safety policies according to operation and work are undertaken.

  2. Enclosed space entry is a particularly dangerous task, and the KMS representative should ensure that before entering enclosed spaces that all safety procedures are followed and space has been ventilated for at least 12 hours and the atmosphere has been tested using a calibrated certified gas tester and there is a permit in place, and correct PPE is done. If this is not in order, THE ENCLOSED SPACES SHOULD NOT BE ENTERED.

  3. Vessel/Rig Orientations: All KMS representatives are required to attend a vessel orientation upon arrival to the job site and a notation of the attendance made in the surveyor log. If one is not offered, the notation should be made in the surveyor log that one was requested.

  4. Safety Meetings: All KMS representatives are required to attend at least one safety meeting held by the vessel crews per week and corresponding notation put in the surveyor log. If attendance covered does not include a regularly scheduled safety meeting, this requirement is waived.

  5. Safety Logs: KMS representatives must attend and be involved in a toolbox or pre-job safety talk/meeting before the undertaking of a procedure in which the consultant is part and the corresponding notation made within the KMS representatives log.

  6. Drug Testing: KMS representatives agree to submit to any drug testing requirements, including random Drug testing requirements of our customers.

  7. Incident and Accident investigations: KMS representatives agree to take part in any investigation of an incident, accident, or unplanned event in which the KMS representative is involved.

  8. Hazard Analysis/JSA Requirements: KMS representatives agree to take an active role in the development of HAZIDS and JSAs for jobs in which they are involved.

  9. In addition to Safety policies KMS Representatives should also follow Security policies and always carry Company ID and Personal travel documents as required.


Tanker Loading completed at Serpentina, Equatorial Guinea